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In creating a more inclusive and diverse tech and digital world we need to go beyond simply investing in a capital city centric approach albeit a one size fits all approach to developing an Indigenous digital and technology eco-system. It simply can't  just be about coding and robotics, but rather delivering opportunities and investing in grassroots solutions on the ground and investing‍‍‍ in them.

Communities in remote Cape York or regional South Australia may not have the knowledge, access or ability as Sydney or Melbourne. Imperatively we need investment into local or regional solutions to increasing opportunities in remote and regional Australia. At the very best we could invigorate a technology and digital eco-system in regional and remote Australia that could replicate that of India in the later 80's and 90, which today is a leader in the tech and digital world.

The key to all this is investment and partnerships, without true commitment we will continue to have a digital and technology divide through Australia, in particular in remote and regional Australia.

Leaving aside all the detail behind infrastructure policies, USO’s and Codes of conduct and the like, a simple pitch statement for this would go something like this.

“Digital technologies has the potential to improve our quality of life by providing better access to information and services, and increase opportunities through innovation, co-creation and economic opportunity.

“Together lets create an environment which is more inclusive of digital futures for regional and remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through inclusion and access.No longer can we afford to leave Indigenous people out of the digital equity equation. Lets create digital innovators to empower and pursue work they love in the communities and towns they love.

Key points towards improving tech inclusion, connectivity and digital ability, for Australia First Peoples are:

  • Establishment of a First Nations Technology Council which guides tech and digital innovation (in foundation stages, established in mid 2018)
  • Skilled board representation and or Indigenous advisory group on both NBN Co, ADIA, NICT‍‍‍A or similar body
  • Establishment of a national Indigenous code of conduct for digital media, design and ITC innovation
  • Regional startup programs established as digital social ventures to activate digital inclusion with an imperative to improving digital literacy and digital startup
  • Activating and harnessing the already skilled Indigenous professionals that have experience in the digital sectors in regional and remote areas
  • Increased opportunities for Indigenous STEM Scholarships and corporate internships similiar to Puggy Hunter scholarships, a David Unaipon Scholarship for Indigenous STEAM.
  • Acknowledgement of digital access and equity in Closing The Gap targets
  • An annual tech inclusion forum lead by our mob to discuss all the opportunities for tech inclusion. Both for our mob but for minorities, women and people with disabilities.

It's time or the tech and digital ‍‍‍worlds to open their arms and become more inclusive to maximise the benefits for all. It's time that we all share in the innovation ecosystem and bring balance. We can no longer affors to leave anyone behind as we go forward into the future.

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Interview with CAAMA

‍‍‍On a mission to prevent anyone getting left behind in the d‍‍‍igital economy.


What an awesome experience to have TechInclusion finally here in Australia to bring forth these open discussion about how we can bring about change in the tech and digital worlds.

As discussed at TechInclusion Melbourne, it ‍‍‍is the well-known fact that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders remain Australia's most digitally disconnected and disadvantaged groups in the digital and tech worlds with more than 80% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, organisations and individuals not having a clear understanding of what the new growing digital, technological, innovation and startup economies could offer their communities, organisations and families.

These disadvantaged and disconnected groups are also the least to be engaged in the digital economy, technology and the startup ecosystems in regional and remote areas throughout Australia.

Yet the digital ecosystem offers geographical bridges and can bring opportunities to these area and allows people in these locations opportunities to become change-makers of tomorrow.

In an effort to advocate and actively reshaping digital innovation and inclusion we established DHIVE which aims to inform, raise awareness and open a discussion about the concept of developing an Indigenous led digital innovation and inclusion incubator for Far North Queensland.

‍‍‍DHIVE is reshaping the discussion around technology, startup and innovation.

Our approach is simply, and that in an ever connected world that we must also look outside of the BlackBox which sometimes constrains us as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and look towards connecting to other disadvantaged and disconnected groups across the globe.

The concept brings Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, refugees, new migrants and people of disability together to educate, inspire, create and empower each other in a digital connected world with community and sustainability at the forefront.

An important key focus of what we do as an Indigenous led digital innovation hub is the digital and tech disadvantages of our own people.